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Top 10 from 600+ entries: international pitch competition finals

Menopausal hot flush product, Grace, was selected as a Top 10 finalist at the WorldLabs Elevating Ideas Conference 2018. The event, held in London, was attended by over 1000 people after 600+ companies applied online for the competition to win a cash prize of £50,000 for their business.

Peter Astbury pitching at the competition finals
© WorldLabs. Director, Peter Astbury, pitching the product Grace.

The day consisted of company showcases, panel discussions and networking sessions, ending with the much anticipated 'pitch battle' which Director and finalist, Peter Astbury, competed in. Each of the 10 finalists were given 5 minutes to pitch their business, followed by another 5 minutes for Q&A.

Grace is a device currently in development, designed to automatically detect and counter debilitating hot flushes and night sweats, usually attributed to the menopause. Interested to find out more about this revolutionary product? Subscribe for updates and take a look at the full website here.

Top 10 company finalists on stage
© WorldLabs


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